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We are a new generation of AI technology

Cognea has an artificial intelligence platform to give a human-level brain to virtual agents, to create personal assistants, coaches, companions, and employees.





Personal artificial intelligence (AI) will become the single, intuitive interface between humans and a world of information. These AI will function on our behalf, acting as a cognitive layer between us and information, devices, apps, and other people.

AI is the ultimate human computer interface for everything.

We have already delivered personal AI to some of the biggest companies in the world. With years of real world experience behind us, the Cognea platform allows enterprises with high levels of consumer engagement to create deep, intelligent AI in a short space of time, without re-engineering Siri.

Some examples are companions who talk to you, find information, communicate with others and perform tasks on your behalf; butlers who can interface to all devices (phones, fridges, cars, tablets), health coaches who care deeply and support you on a personalized health journey, and perfect virtual employees. These are not broad generic agents like Siri, but deeply personalized AI with complex, human-like functionality and customizable personalities.




We offer unprecedented speed and ease of development, an advantage measured in years.

Building conventional AI’s is a difficult and highly customized process. Cognea’s Platform AI solves this problem, to allow the customer to focus on content and integration to their software and hardware ecosystems, rather than a massive up-front investment to rebuild SIRI from the ground up. The result: an order of magnitude improvement in time to market and product evolution.



  • Deep cognition
  • Hyper personalization
  • Autonomous decision-making & self-learning
  • Sensor and control API


  • Coaches, companions, assistants & employees
  • Artificial Intelligence as the cognitive glue in the internet of things
  • Domain expertise – rapid, componentized approach
  • Multiple environments: phones, web, voice, games, homes, cars
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